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IFRC doubles support for migrants stranded in Greece

Press release

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has more than doubled its Emergency Appeal to CHF 28.7 million to help ensure adequate care and better living conditions for tens of thousands of vulnerable migrants stranded in camps across Greece.

More than 50,000 people - primarily families - are still stranded pending decisions on asylum and EU relocation, and the increased appeal will allow the IFRC to scale up its support to them. At the same time, the Hellenic Red Cross remains committed to supporting the well-being of the Greek population throughout the country.

Angelica Fanaki, Head of operations for the Hellenic Red Cross, said: "Our focus is now to ensure adequate care and improved living conditions in camps where tens of thousands will live for an indefinite period of time. People need decent living conditions, enough food, access to medical care and psychosocial support and - most importantly – information.”

In addition to providing medical care, food, and emergency supplies in 12 camps across Greece, the priorities will include addressing the growing psychosocial support needs, reconnecting family members, and improving hygiene and sanitation. 

Simon Missiri, IFRC Regional Director for Europe, said: "We are particularly concerned about the well-being of people who have already faced so much - two-thirds of whom are women and children.

"Our Red Cross teams working across Greece witness daily how the uncertain situation and dire conditions affect people’s physical and mental health. We will be prioritizing health care and psychological support to help people who are exhausted and traumatized,” he added.

The Hellenic Red Cross, supported by the IFRC and National Societies from across Europe, has helped more than 300,000 migrants since the onset of the crisis - distributing more than 900,000 relief items; providing medical care, first aid and psychosocial support to more than 100,000 people; helping to rescue and provide first aid to 42,000 people; and helping more than 11,000 people to reconnect with their loved ones.

The IFRC’s response is supported by public and private donors. Major donors include the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO), providing CHF 16.3 million, and the Governments of the Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States, who have contributed more than CHF 2 million each.


For further information, please contact:

In Greece:

Caroline Haga, Emergency Communications Delegate, IFRC Europe, tel: +30 694 985 1330, email:, Twitter: @hagacaroline

In Budapest:

Nichola Jones, Emergency Communications Delegate, IFRC Europe, tel: +36 70 430 6506, email:, Twitter: @nicjones81

In Geneva:

Benoit Carpentier, Team Leader Public Communications, IFRC, tel: +41 79 213 2413, email:, Twitter: @BenoistC

For media inquiries, please contact Eva Oyón on: or +32 2 235 09 22

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