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Key Priorities for the EU in the future

These recommendations intend to guide and inform EU decision-makers taking up their mandate in the European Parliament and the European Commission for the next five years. Based on the Red Cross Red Crescent’s expertise in working with and for people in need both inside and outside the EU, they reflect our principled approach to preventing and alleviating human suffering. Our aim is to promote EU policies and programmes in the areas of social inclusion, migration and asylum, sustainable development, and disasters and crises, that effectively contribute to supporting the dignity and wellbeing of the most vulnerable people in society.


As we enter a new legislative term at EU level, the Red Cross EU Office makes the following recommendations to EU decision-makers:

  • Duly consider the varied needs of vulnerable people in the design and implementation of EU social legislation, policies, and programmes.
  • Support increased access to high-quality and affordable social services.
  • Uphold the dignity and rights of all migrants in EU migration, asylum, and border policies.
  • Guarantee effective access to international protection in the EU.
  • Address the needs of people on the move through EU external cooperation on migration.
  • Engage Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), including National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, in development policy processes.
  • Adopt an integrated approach to development, climate change adaptation, and disaster risk reduction.
  • Prioritise the most vulnerable in EU development policies and programmes.
  • Ensure EU humanitarian aid and civil protection assistance remain rooted in the European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid.
  • Strengthen preparedness for disaster response at all levels.
  • Support and reinforce the role of local responders.


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