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Legal avenues to access international protection in the EU

The Red Cross calls on the EU and its Member States to respect their international obligations under the 1951 Convention relating to the status of refugees and its 1967 Protocol and to ensure asylum seekers have safe and effective legal avenues to the EU territory to exercise their right to international protection.


  1. Respect European refugee and Human rights standards at European borders and beyond
  2. Do not penalise irregular entry of asylum seekers
  3. Ensure an effective right of appeal against denial of entry
  4. Set up independent border monitoring mechanisms
  5. Support a fundamental rights’ culture within FRONTEX
  6. Allow for exemptions from EU visa regulations and promote the issuing of humanitarian and protection visas
  7. Assess the impact of carrier sanctions on international obligations
  8. Commit to resettling higher numbers of refugees
  9. Cooperate more closely with Civil Society in the elaboration, implementation and evaluation of policies


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