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Perilous journeys - vulnerabilities along migratory routes to the EU

The story of humankind is to a large extent a story of migration. Since the beginning of time, people have left their homes in search of a better life, often taking enormous risks to flee dangerous and desperate circumstances. This is the case for thousands of people who in recent years have had to flee armed conflict and other situations of violence, persecution, discrimination, famine and poverty. Many have lost their lives in their attempts to reach a safe haven and secure a better future. Faced with limited options  for  safe and regular  migration, migrants must often rely on the services of smugglers and embark on dangerous sea and land journeys. The routes they take carry substantial risks, adding both physical and psychosocial trauma to their pre-existing

“Perilous Journeys - Vulnerabilities along migratory routes to the EU” takes a closer look at the vulnerabilities experienced by migrants throughout their migratory journeys to the EU. Highlighting concrete activities undertaken by Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies, it features life stories and  concrete examples of the vulnerabilities and risks that may be triggered by these journeys.

This Red Cross Office booklet features:

  • Limited access to rights and services
  • Arbitrary arrests and detention
  • Violence and human trafficking
  • Family separation and the loss of family links
  • Deaths during the journey.


Access the complete booklet in ENGLISH

Access the complete booklet in FRENCH

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This booklet forms the basis of our position paper “Perilous Journeys: Addressing the Vulnerabilities Linked to Migratory Routes to the European Union”, which proposes steps that can be taken by the EU and its Member States to reduce risks along migratory trails and address some of the increasing vulnerabilities stemming from these perils.

RCEU, position paper: Perilous Journeys: Addressing the Vulnerabilities Linked to Migratory Routes to the European Union, 9 December 2015.

Also available in French: Remédier aux vulnérabilités sur les routes migratoires vers l’Union européenne.


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