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The role of the private sector in the growth of developing countries

The Red Cross EU Office welcomes the commitment of the European Commission’s department for Development and Cooperation to work on the topic of strengthening the role of the private sector in achieving inclusive and sustainable growth in developing countries.

Our call for an updated strategy regarding EU Private Sector Development (PSD) includes recommendations regarding:

  1. Better targeted business environment reforms;
  2. Increasing the employment impact and poverty focus of PSD support;
  3. Stepping up EU support to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises;
  4. Vocational Training and Capacity Development;
  5. Access to Finance;
  6. Working in closer partnership with the private sector;
  7. Using the private sector as “delivery channel” for development;
  8. Private sector contributions to inclusive growth;
  9. The role of the private sector in the transformation towards a green economy;
  10. The role and responsibility of the private sector in a post-2015 framework.


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