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Ukraine Response and Red Cross views on the implementation of the TPD

Following the escalation of the Russia-Ukraine international armed conflict, European countries have encountered exceptional demand for protection, with more than 8 million people who have fled the country recorded across Europe. In March 2022, the European Union (EU) made the unprecedented decision to activate the Temporary Protection Directive and provide millions of people who had left Ukraine immediate access to protection, rights and essential services in EU Member States without an individual assessment.

Across the EU, National Red Cross Societies have been working in partnership with public authorities to support these efforts, mobilising large numbers of volunteers in a remarkable emergency response and establishing humanitarian service points at border crossings, train stations, city centres and airports. In Ukraine, the Ukrainian Red Cross Society has been working closely with public authorities
and International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement partners to provide a comprehensive response in the country, playing a crucial role in arranging safe passage operations away from the hostilities.

This report reflects the responses of Red Cross staff and volunteers launched by the Ukrainian Red Cross Society and the Red Cross EU Office to assess the implementation of the EU Temporary Protection Directive and other equivalent protection schemes. It also includes recommendations on how to address some of the challenges encountered with temporary protection and inform the EU’s response in the future.

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