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"An open and safe Europe – what next?” The post-Stockholm agenda

National Red Cross Societies in the EU and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies welcome the public consultation launched by the European Commission on the future of Home Affairs policies - “An open and safe Europe – what next ?”

As we participated in discussions leading to the adoption of the Stockholm programme and The Hague programme, we put forward our humanitarian perspective and recommendations for the future of the EU migration, asylum and border policy agenda. Our contribution is based on our experience, global network, and commitment to protect and assist migrants by addressing their needs and vulnerabilities.


  1. Protect and respect human rights of migrants – irrespective of their legal status.
  2. Counter negative attitudes towards migrants, like racism, xenophobia and discrimination.
  3. Support migration policies that are guided by the principle of respect and dignity towards migrants.
  4. Implement a well-functioning Common European Asylum System in a spirit of EU solidarity and shared responsibility.
  5. Uphold border management policies and practices that are respectful of the rights and dignity of all migrants, irrespective of their legal status.
  6. Address the needs of migrants in the countries of origin and transit through the external dimension of the EU asylum and migration agenda.


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