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Red Cross EU Strategy 2022-2027

The Red Cross EU Strategy 2022-2027 describes the strategic direction, goals and priorities of the work that the Red Cross EU Office and its members commit to undertaking in relation to our engagement with the EU institutions from 2022 to 2027.

This strategy sets out how we aim to strengthen our positioning towards the EU institutions and EU Member States as a relevant, key strategic partner for internal and external EU action. Based on Red Cross EU Office members’ experience, we will promote EU policy measures, programmes and practices to address growing needs inside and outside the EU.

The Red Cross EU Office helps to ensure an EU-wide perspective, drawing on members’ activities and regularly liaising with the EU institutions, as well as with other networks and coalitions of civil society organisations active in Brussels. Together with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), based on its recognition as an international organisation, we bring a global and regional outlook and long-term experience in coordinating and supporting humanitarian action around the world.


To achieve our mission and work towards our vision over the next five years, the activities of the Red Cross EU Office and its members will be defined according to three interlinked and mutually reinforcing goals:

  1. To heighten Red Cross influence on EU policy, legislation and practice by stepping up advocacy and communication efforts in Brussels and in EU Member States. Employing an evidence-based approach, we will strengthen the voice and positioning of the Red Cross on EU issues by elaborating joint messaging and strategies to effectively engage decision-makers at national and EU levels, and beyond when relevant.
  2. To increase EU resources for our domestic and international work through enhanced collaboration, communication and knowledge exchange on EU programmes. We will strengthen the visibility and recognition of the impact of our work and continue to coordinate to maximise the reach and scope of our global network.
  3. To serve Red Cross EU Office members on EU related issues by monitoring the legal and political framework in which they operate. The Red Cross EU Office will analyse and advise members about EU trends and opportunities, facilitate information-sharing and provide capacity building and tailored technical support.
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